Bamboo Plants for Screening

Bamboo for screening, hedging, and privacy.
With Houses getting larger and allotments getting smaller it seems we are all living on top of each other these days. We regularly get calls from people who have new developments springing up beside them, people with Noise and Privacy problems and people suffering from Bad neighbours too often. Happily we can supply some peace of mind. Most of our stock is sold for instant privacy applications. There is nothing quite like clumping bamboo for speed, effectiveness and beauty to transform an ugly view into a private space.
We can supply budget sized plants that may take a year or two to grow into a suitable screen or we can fix the problem almost instantly with advanced plants.
We can offer advice for your individual situation and climate. The smaller size species offer screening to around 2-3m fully grown while the larger species can grow to 10 or even 15 metres tall. All Bamboo can be cut to the desired height to form a very neat hedge. You can also limit the size by how close you plant the plants apart and by clever use of planter boxes or Root Barrier. It is best to email us and we can give site specific advice.