Alphonse Karr

  Genus/Species Bambusa multiplex
Common Name Alphonse Karr
Typical Dimensions 4-5m high, culm diameters to 25mm. -12°c
Description One of the hardiest and most attractive screening plants, Alphonse Karr is gold with green stripes and a compact bushy form.   Unfortunately, it is prone to mealy bug infestation in humid conditions so we don’t generally recommend it for Queensland applications but it is a beautiful south of the border.     It is not as upright as some other species, so contact us for more advice on whether this is the most suitable bamboo for your requirements.

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Chinese Dwarf

Chinese Dwarf Bamboo -  Bambusa guangxiensis Genus/Species Bambusa guangxiensis
Common Name Chinese Dwarf
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter to 10mm. -4°c
Description A relatively new import to Australia, Chinese Dwarf has everyone talking.  A compact & lush bamboo with very soft foliage looks to provide a great alternative for single storey hedges as it is very dense and fast growing.    Good on its own , as a trimmed hedge or topiarised.   Has a beautiful oriental look.

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Ghost Bamboo

Ghost Bamboo Genus/Species Dendrocalumus Minor ‘Amoenus’
Common Name Ghost Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 8-10m high, culm diameter up to 50mm. – 7°c
Description Ghost Bamboo is a stunning ornamental with powdery white culms fading to lime green striated culms as they mature.  New shoots emerge with black bristles creating a wonderful effect with the contrasting white, green & black culms.   An impressive bamboo that is fast becoming one of the most popular due to it’s unusual colourings.    Proving to be very hardy in all conditions from cold & frosty to hot & dry areas.   Beautiful, strong, straight, workable timber.

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Giant Buddhas Belly

Giant Buddhas Belly Genus/Species Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’
Common Name Giant Buddha’s Belly
Typical Dimensions  4 -5m high in full sun, culm diameter up to 100mm.  -2°c
Description The unique form of Giant Buddha’s Belly is a real eye catcher.   Like the Buddha’s rounded belly from which this bamboo earns its name, the culms have swollen internodes that are highly ornamental and also reduce the height of this plant to a manageable garden variety.   Great as a screening plant or as a stand alone ornamental it’s a real feature plant.   If you require an instant effect we can supply advanced ex-ground plants, fully bellied and ready to go.
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Goldstripe Bamboo

Goldstripe Bamboo Culms Genus/Species Bambusa multiplex
Common Name Goldstripe Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 4m high, culm diameters to 25mm. -12°c
Description A disease resistant multiplex species, Goldstripe is a very dense, upright bamboo that has green with gold striped culms.   Perfect for privacy applications requiring  a 4 metre screen.

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Gracilis, Slender Weavers


Gracilis Bamboo Culms Genus/Species Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis”
Common Name Gracilis, Slender Weavers
Typical Dimensions 6-8m high, culm diameter up to 25mm.  -12°c
Description Gracilis is THE bamboo for privacy and our number ONE seller.   An upright, multi-stemming, compact bamboo it forms a perfect, dense privacy screen without encroaching into the garden space, so it is suitable even for high density housing areas and at 6-8m tall is suitable for screening up to 2 storeys.    Planted at 1m spacings it will quickly form a living fence offering almost instant privacy.  Gracilis is also a beautiful ornamental plant that stays lush and green all year long and is one of the toughest bamboo species being both drought hardy and frost tolerant.

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Malay Dwarf

  Genus/Species Bambusa heterostachya
Common Name Malay Dwarf
Typical Dimensions 5-6m high, culm diameters to 40 mm.  -2°c
Description Malay Dwarf if a very strong growing mid-sized bamboo.   It is great for screens and providing shade.   It has an arching habit if grown in full sun due to its abundant foliage.   Great timber species also and budget priced.

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Oldhams Bamboo

Bamboo oldhamii Genus/Species Bambusa oldhamii
Common Name Oldhams Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 12-18m high, culm diameters to 100mm.   -9°c
Description The most popular of the larger size bamboos Oldhamii is big, green, bold and beautiful.    A favourite of many due to its larger compact form and all round usefulness it is a great timber and shoot variety which is also widely used for farm windbreaks.   Discount prices and/or grown to order in smaller pots sizes available for commercial applications and large size planting.  Also perfect as an ornamental or impressive screen in larger backyards &advanced landscapes.

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Tiger Grass

Tiger Grass Bamboo Genus/Species Thysanolaena maxima
Common Name Tiger Grass
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter up to 10mm.  -2°c
Description Although not a true bamboo species, Tiger Grass is a bamboo-like, tropical, ornamental grass with lush arrow-shaped foliage that fits a niche for smaller size single storey screens up to 3m tall.   It forms a tight upright clump with older stems turning a reddish colour in full sunlight making it also perfect as a stand alone ornamental.   Quite drought tolerant.

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Timor Black Bamboo

Timor Black Bamboo Culms Genus/Species Bambusa lako
Common Name Timor Black
Typical Dimensions 8-10m high,  culm diameter up to 75mm. -3°c
Description Beautiful glossy black culms with irregular green striations, Timor Black is our best selling black bamboo. Stunning as an ornamental it is perfect for tropical & asian gardens or as a striking architectural feature plant in any modern garden. Also forms an impressive privacy screen or hedge.  As with all bamboo species, the height can be managed if contained in planter beds/pots.

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