Tiger Grass

Tiger Grass Bamboo Genus/Species Thysanolaena maxima
Common Name Tiger Grass
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter up to 10mm.  -2°c
Description Although not a true bamboo species, Tiger Grass is a bamboo-like, tropical, ornamental grass with lush arrow-shaped foliage that fits a niche for smaller size single storey screens up to 3m tall.   It forms a tight upright clump with older stems turning a reddish colour in full sunlight making it also perfect as a stand alone ornamental.   Quite drought tolerant.

Tiger Grass – Thysanolaena maxima

Size Price GST
200mm $12.50 plus GST
250mm $18.00 plus GST
300mm $23.50 plus GST
400mm/45L $75.00 plus GST
75Lt/100L from $150 ea plus GST
Adv.ex-ground POA  

Tiger Grass planted in Landscaping
Tiger Grass in Landscaping
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Tiger Grass Ornamental Planting
Tiger Grass Ornamental Planting
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Tiger Grass in 300mm Pots
Tiger Grass in 300mm Pots
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Tiger Grass in Landscaping
Tiger Grass Ornamental Planting
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  1. Elle on May 11th, 2011 11:32 am

    Love this plant, perfect for tropical gardens in cool spots!

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