Buddhas Belly Bamboo

Buddhas Belly Bamboo Genus/Species Bambusa ventricosa
Common Name Buddha’s Belly Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter up to 20mm.  -9°c
Description A great feature plant and distinct ornamental, Buddha’s Belly is best suited to larger pots as confinement encourages them to throw lots of bellied shoots.  Our form is small and compact – beware of the un-bellied forms being marketed, click here to see further information on this (coming soon).

Buddha’s Belly – Bambusa ventricosa

Size Price GST
200mm $20.00 plus GST
250mm $27.50 plus GST
300mm $39.00 plus GST
400mm/45L $120.00 plus GST
75Lt/100L from $195 ea  
Adv.ex-ground POA  

Buddha's Belly Bamboo in 400mm Pot

Buddha’s Belly Bamboo in 400mm Pot
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Buddha's Belly Bamboo in 250mm & 300mm Pots

Buddha’s Belly Bamboo in 250mm & 300mm Pots
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One Response to “Buddhas Belly Bamboo”

  1. Tropical Bamboo on August 24th, 2009 3:06 am

    I love the Kimmei variety more! The striking contrast in the yellow and greens really make it stand out, especially when the lower branches are trimmed off.

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