Black Asper

Black Asper Bamboo Genus/Species Dendrocalamus asper ‘Hitam’
Common Name Black Asper
Typical Dimensions 30m high, culm diameter up to 300mm.  -5°c
Description The largest black bamboo, Black Asper is very vigorous.   A most impressive giant with highly valued timber.   Will need plenty of room for this species.

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Black Brandisii

Black Brandisii Genus/Species Dendrocalamus brandisii ‘black’
Common Name Black Brandisii
Typical Dimensions 10m high, culm diameter up to 100mm.  -4°c
Description An unusual bamboo Black Brandisii has culms that are quite chunky down low but taper quickly so you get a big “looking” plant that’s not too tall.   Reputed to be the best black bamboo for cooler climates.

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Buddhas Belly Bamboo

Buddhas Belly Bamboo Genus/Species Bambusa ventricosa
Common Name Buddha’s Belly Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter up to 20mm.  -9°c
Description A great feature plant and distinct ornamental, Buddha’s Belly is best suited to larger pots as confinement encourages them to throw lots of bellied shoots.  Our form is small and compact – beware of the un-bellied forms being marketed, click here to see further information on this (coming soon).
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China Gold

China Gold Bamboo Genus/Species Bambusa eutuldoides var ‘Viridi vittata’
Common Name China Gold
Typical Dimensions  6m high, culm diameters to 40mm.  -5°c
Description Vivid gold coloured culms and green stripes occur on a number of bamboos but China Gold offers this in a smaller, more compact landscape plant that lets you enjoy this striking colour combination in your own backyard. An ornamental beauty which can also be used as a hedge.

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Chinese Dwarf

Chinese Dwarf Bamboo -  Bambusa guangxiensis Genus/Species Bambusa guangxiensis
Common Name Chinese Dwarf
Typical Dimensions 3m high, culm diameter to 10mm. -4°c
Description A relatively new import to Australia, Chinese Dwarf has everyone talking.  A compact & lush bamboo with very soft foliage looks to provide a great alternative for single storey hedges as it is very dense and fast growing.    Good on its own , as a trimmed hedge or topiarised.   Has a beautiful oriental look.

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Dark Weavers

  Genus/Species Bambusa textilis ‘Fasca’
Common Name Dark Weavers, Fasca
Typical Dimensions 12 m high, culm diameters to 50 mm.   -12°c
Description Another great screening or feature plant.   Dark Weavers is similar to Gracilis/Slender Weavers but larger and less upright.   It is often misleadingly sold as Gracilis as it is easier to propagate (see our article) but it is still a great plant in its own right.

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Emperor Blue

Chungii - Emperor Blue Bamboo Genus/Species Bambusa chungii
Common Name Emperor Blue Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 10 m high, culm diameters to 60 mm. – 10 °c
Description The whitest of the white bamboos, Emperor Blue is also known as White Bamboo and Blue Bamboo.   A very strong, vigorous grower with very long (1m) internodes.   A beautiful and popular bamboo that needs some space as it can get up to 3m across at the base in the open ground.

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Ghost Bamboo

Ghost Bamboo Genus/Species Dendrocalumus Minor ‘Amoenus’
Common Name Ghost Bamboo
Typical Dimensions 8-10m high, culm diameter up to 50mm. – 7°c
Description Ghost Bamboo is a stunning ornamental with powdery white culms fading to lime green striated culms as they mature.  New shoots emerge with black bristles creating a wonderful effect with the contrasting white, green & black culms.   An impressive bamboo that is fast becoming one of the most popular due to it’s unusual colourings.    Proving to be very hardy in all conditions from cold & frosty to hot & dry areas.   Beautiful, strong, straight, workable timber.

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Giant Atter

  Genus/Species Gigantochloa atter
Common Name Giant Atter
Typical Dimensions 20m high, culm diameter up to 150 mm. -2 °c
Description Giant Atter is one of the most attractive larger bamboos.   It has dark green straight culms, large foliage and edible shoots.   Also a great timber species.    I’m surprised this plant is not more widely utilised as it is a beautiful, useful bamboo.

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Giant Buddhas Belly

Giant Buddhas Belly Genus/Species Bambusa vulgaris ‘Wamin’
Common Name Giant Buddha’s Belly
Typical Dimensions  4 -5m high in full sun, culm diameter up to 100mm.  -2°c
Description The unique form of Giant Buddha’s Belly is a real eye catcher.   Like the Buddha’s rounded belly from which this bamboo earns its name, the culms have swollen internodes that are highly ornamental and also reduce the height of this plant to a manageable garden variety.   Great as a screening plant or as a stand alone ornamental it’s a real feature plant.   If you require an instant effect we can supply advanced ex-ground plants, fully bellied and ready to go.
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