About Us


Bamboos Wholesale is Australia’s leading supplier of top quality, affordable, clumping bamboo plants.  We have been operating as a bamboo wholesaler for 15 years and stock all the top varieties including Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’, Timor Black, Ghost Bamboo, Giant Buddhas Belly and new varieties to Australia such as Chinese Dwarf and China Gold.    We have over 150 species of bamboo growing on our property with 35 species on our wholesale bamboo species list.    We have species suitable for privacy, screening, ornamental applications, windbreaks, timber and shoot varieties, erosion control and nutrient/waste recycling.  We also stock a range of general nursery line ornamentals, grasses and palms to compliment bamboo plantings. 

 As a trusted bamboo supplier we will ensure you get the right species for your project and can offer you advice on the planting, maintenance and suitability of species that we have gained from over 20 years experience working with clumping bamboo.   Our Bamboo nursery is located in Benaraby, Central Queensland, where we grow and propagate all our own bamboo plants so you can be assured you are buying direct from the grower.    

We happily supply directly to the nursery industry, landscapers and private projects/home gardeners throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. (For delivery to Tasmania & WA quarantine restrictions apply so orders are assessed for viability.)    Our bamboo plants are supplied in standard black nursery pots, using top quality potting mix and fertilisers so our plants are ready for retail, in 200mm, 250mm, 300mm & 400mm pots and in 75Lt, 100Lt and 200Lt bags or we can grow to order in any size. We also supply ex-ground, fully advanced bamboo plants for large scale landscape projects that require immediate effect.    Bamboos Wholesale is a professional nursery (beware of backyard operations – see our article) that prides itself on  the fact that we continue to supply bamboo plants to an ever-growing list of loyal customers including some of Australia’s leading upmarket nurseries and landscape architects.

Bamboo is undoubtedly the world’s most useful and environmentally friendly plant.  Not only it is a beautiful ornamental plant that creates a peaceful, serene garden environment or living privacy screen but it has edible shoots as a food source and is a renewal timber source for construction. Bamboo fibre is used for clothing & textile production, it is perfect for windbreaks, erosion control and managing nutrient run-off.  Producing 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees also makes bamboo an ideal alternative for carbon credits.    Feel free to contact us to discuss the many uses and applications of bamboo and which bamboo is most suitable for your requirements.